We continuously improve our environmental performance.


The production of paper requires water, raw materials and energy. Feldmuehle therefore endeavours to achieve production that is as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible, based on the following guidelines:

  1. The issues of environmental protection are taken into account, regulated and the processes optimized along the entire production chain.
  2. All employees are obliged to observe environmental protection.
  3. In the production of paper, we select raw materials with the least potential for human and environmental hazards and promote the use of renewable raw materials.
  4. We endeavour to limit or reduce the consumption of raw materials, energy and water as well as the production of waste in all areas of operation.
  5. We minimize wastewater, noise and odour emissions.
  6. In the event of an accident involving environmentally relevant substances, we have developed guidelines and emergency plans.
  7. We comply with all legal requirements and continuously strive to improve our environmental performance.
  8. Feldmuehle openly addresses critical issues related to its products and activities on the site and is committed to open information with environmental stakeholders.