New embossing LabelSet Cuir and MatisSet Cuir

The label market is a dynamic market and the requirements are constantly changing. As an innovative market leader in the area of wet and alkali-resistant label papers, Feldmuehle recognizes the trends in this market and reacts with two new products:

"LabelSet Cuir" and "MatisSet Cuir" are Feldmuehle's answer to the increasing demand for wet strength label papers with unusual surfaces. The new embossing "Cuir" gives the paper a natural structure. This new surface corresponds to the trend towards the "vintage look" or "eco design" of the labels and offers our customers an excellent basis for unlimited creativity. This paper offers the big brands an image that also communicates the environmental orientation of the product and the brand.

The papers that are used as the basis for the new "Cuir" embossing (LabelSet and MatisSet) are very well-established qualities from Feldmuehle - so the embossed qualities also offer the highest quality and mileage. The "Reflexion", "Linen" and "Vergé" embossings, which have been very successfully established on the market, are complemented by this new embossing, and now offer our customers a wide range of design options.

Samples can now be ordered from Feldmuehle.

PRESS 30.07.20

Laboratory service expanded

The “Robinson test” is not utilized to inspect whether someone is up to the challenge of being locked in on an uninhabited island - based on the novel “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe - but rather as a sensory analysis in order to determine the transfer of smell or taste in case of direct or indirect foodstuff contact of a packaging material.

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NEWS 02.08.20

The train is coming.

For many years, the pulp raw material came to our company by ship via the Pinnau. The company's own rail link now ensures reliable and fast delivery of the pulp, as well as the delivery to and fro of additional goods and products.

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NEWS 18.08.20

Who should be sitting there?

8 o'clock in the morning. A beautiful summer day. A chair right in the middle of our spacious business area. The best conditions for a short corporate film...

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NEWS 05.09.20

Our logo - Transition through the ages

There is hardly a brand on the market whose logo has not adapted to the so-called Zeitgeist over the years. With the current modification of our logo, we are now once again more strictly based on the first draft by Wolfgang Heuwinkel from 1963.

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Feldmuehle strengthens the management team

In August 2020, the shareholders appointed Mr. Bernd Weber as an additional managing director with sole power of representation in the management board. As Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the company, Bernd Weber is responsible for accounting, IT, human resources and treasury.

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NEWS 19.04.21

Sheep move in at Feldmuehle

The Skudden had chosen a sunny spring day for their move to the Feldmuehle on April 16.

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PRESS 24.06.21

Higher efficiency for better customer benefit

With the recent technical upgrade of a sheet cutter, Feldmuehle can increase its efficiency with reduced energy consumption in the production of format papers in the order-related sizes.

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PRESS 19.06.23

Feldmuehle breaks new ground in employee recruitment

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NEWS 10.05.23

In 2023, we have once again participated in the program "Das macht Schule"

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PRESS 12.05.23

Politics visiting Feldmuehle GmbH in Uetersen

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NEWS 21.12.23

High-ranking political visit to Uetersen

Shortly before the turn of the year, Claus Ruhe Madsen, Schleswig-Holstein's Minister of Economic Affairs, visited Feldmuehle GmbH with a CDU team of state and local politicians!

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NEWS 25.01.24


We are pleased to announce that we have appointed Mr Uwe Rüdiger as an authorised signatory with immediate effect!

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