Feldmuehle appoints Martin Moenke to Sales Director

Feldmuehle GmbH, leading manufacturer of label and flexible packaging papers, has appointed Mr. Martin Moenke to Sales Director with effect from February 1, 2019.

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Feldmuehle - Restart after restructuring

Insolvency proceedings in self-administration have been commenced on 28 January 2019

Feldmuehle GmbH announced on December 7, 2018 that it would concentrate on the production of Specialty Papers in the future, i.e. wet and alkali resistant Label Papers as well as Flexible Packaging Papers. In this context, the production of graphic papers was discontinued and the paper machine 2 was shut down at the end of 2018.

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Feldmuehle strengthens its core competence and focuses on wet-strength label papers and flexible packaging papers

The focus is the concentration on the product sector specialty papers, i.e. wet- and alkali-resistant label papers as well as flexible packaging papers.

The production of graphic papers is discontinued. In this connection, the paper machine 2 is shut down. The new business model requires staffing, i.e. the workforce is reduced to around 180 employees. The employees leaving the company are offered to switch to a transfer company in order to further qualify for the job market.

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Feldmuehle files for insolvency under self-administration

Feldmuehle GmbH, which in the spring of 2018, took over the business operations of Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH through acquisition of all substantial assets, has been adversely and unforeseeably affected this current year by unexpected increased energy costs and procurement prices for raw materials. During the current year, management has implemented extensive measures to increase operating profitability. Despite these efforts, the latently rising variable costs could not be offset by implemented price increases, partly due to the company's lower-than-expected revenues in September and October 2018. Considering these circumstances, the management has decided to carry out the necessary reorganization/restructuring of the company within the framework of insolvency proceedings under its own administration and, on November 19, 2018, filed for an application with the competent local court in Pinneberg to open insolvency proceedings under its own administration pursuant to Sections 270, 270 a para. 1 InsO (German Insolvency Act).

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FachPack 2018: Feldmuehle presents solutions for current challenges in the packaging industry

Feldmuehle GmbH will present its diverse product portfolio in the area of packaging solutions at the European packaging industry trade fair FachPack. Particular attention will be given to the trend towards high-white visual appearances as well as the functional surfaces of packaging papers. Besides kraftliner, SBS board and label papers, the company is highlighting its flexible packaging papers. This year’s focus will be on speciality papers with functional surfaces for product safety in the food sector, such as papers with mineral oil barrier and heat-sealable packaging paper.

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New start for Feldmuehle – New investor relies on realigned strategy and attractive portfolio.

Since the transfer of the former Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH to a subsidiary of the Berlin-based Beteiligungsgesellschaft Kairos Industries AG on 15th June 2018, the new company has been operating under the name Feldmuehle GmbH. The company remains active with its complete portfolio in the areas of label and packaging papers as well as an extended range of graphic papers. Production continues on two paper machines. The company's targets remain the expansion of its market position in all product areas and to focus on premium and specialty papers.

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Insolvent paper manufacturer Feldmuehle Uetersen is reorganized.

The Schleswig-Holstein paper company Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH will be transferred to a subsidiary of the Berlin-based Beteiligungsgesellschaft Kairos Industries AG with effect from 15 June 2018 and will be continued in full. ‘Feldmuehle GmbH’ was founded specially for the transfer.

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Food protection by barrier paper: Kölln oatmeal packaging with MOB paper inlay by Feldmuehle.

With its barrier papers Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH offers food producers the possibility to protect their products effectively against pollutants by mineral oil residues. Peter Kölln GmbH und Co. KGaA relies on this solution and uses the material in the packaging of its oat flakes – without any visible changes to the classic paper bag.

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Appearance, touch and added value: Feldmuehle focussing on a successful mix in its development of its graphic portfolio.

The high-quality graphic portfolio of Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH stands for consistent quality and delivery reliability as well as special product and processing characteristics. Quedlinburg Druck GmbH benefits from these advantages when using the fine paper Exceo. In the further development of its graphic product range, Feldmuehle will continue to rely on appearance, touch as well as additional benefits. As part of the preliminary insolvency proceedings, the initiated realignment is consistently continued. In order to extend the product portfolio in the second quarter, intensive work with focus on whiteness and brightness is being carried out.

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Feldmuehle completes portfolio with standard label paper EmbaSet.

Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH continues its operations unimpeded during the provisional insolvency proceedings. This is evidenced by the introduction of the new product EmbaSet – a high-quality and high-gloss paper for standard labels. The product development at the paper mill continues to operate at full speed and has announced further innovations for the current business year.

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Paper manufacturer Feldmuehle in Uetersen files for insolvency proceedings.

The Schleswig-Holstein paper mill, Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH filed for insolvency at the Pinneberg district court on January 24, 2018. The court has appointed the Hamburg attorney-at-law and restructuring-expert Dr. Tjark Thies of Reimer Rechtsanwälte as the preliminary insolvency administrator.

  • Production, sales, and business operations to continue unimpeded
  • Tjark Thies of Reimer Rechtsanwälte appointed as preliminary insolvency administrator
  • Salaries of the 420 employees are secured through March 31, 2018

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Heat-sealable paper: Environmentally friendly solution for flexible packaging.

Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH now offers a heat-sealable paper solution for packaging manufacturers and packing companies. The coated flexible packaging paper with a heat-sealable reverse side can be easily used on existing packaging lines and can be recycled in the waste paper cycle. The Dutch copack service provider NOMI Co-Packing has already successfully produced and filled stand-up pouches with the new material.

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Folding without creasing: coated fine paper from Feldmuehle now with processing advantage for printing houses.

Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH now offers its coated fine papers with improved features for the converting process in printing houses: the paper with a grammage up to 250 g/m² can now be folded without prior creasing of the end product. In the future, the expansion of the product portfolio in the business area Graphical Options will also provide printing houses with a broader range for a variety of end uses.

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Feldmuehle is restructuring product portfolio as part of its long-term strategic orientation. The new Managing Director Kayser is focusing on the expansion of customer proximity and product innovations.

Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH is restructuring its product portfolio and sales organisation: the company’s six product segments are now bundled into the business areas of Labelling Applications, Packaging Solutions and Graphical Options. From the restructuring under the new Managing Director Heiner Kayser, customer proximity shall benefit. The aim is to strengthen the market position of Feldmuehle in the three areas.

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Feldmuehle presents VivaCard® at CosmeticBusiness in Munich

Exquisite perfumes and cosmetic products require an equally elegant packaging. It enhances the brand and gives the consumer the feeling of having chosen a unique, valuable product. Moreover, high-quality packaging is an indicator of the product’s quality. Product packaging with a high quality appearance can be achieved using VivaCard from Feldmuehle. Produced from 100% virgin fibre, VivaCard is the perfect material for folding boxes.

Visit Feldmuehle at the CosmeticBusiness trade fair in Munich in Hall 2, Stand D22.2.

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Feldmuehle offers VivaCard® in high basis weights – now available up to 410 g/m²

Feldmuehle has added new high basis weights to its VivaCard range of high-white, matt SBS boards. VivaCard C1S, which was previously available in 220 - 330 g/m², is now also available in basis weights of 350 and 380 g/m². The VivaCard C2S range, previously available in 200 - 330 g/m², has been expanded with three new basis weights – 360, 380 and 410 g/m². VivaCard is an ideal choice for high-impact packaging and a wide range of graphical applications.

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Feldmuehle to present mineral oil barrier papers at Packaging Innovations 2017 in Berlin, Germany.

Feldmuehle offers paper with mineral oil barrier, providing packaged goods with effective protection against mineral oil migration and contamination. These papers are used by brand owners for the packaging of dry and fatty foodstuffs.

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Feldmuehle is material supplier for the awarded Epple calendar

Calendar “essence of passion” honoured with the “Gregor International Calendar Award 2017”

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MediaLiner goes VivaLiner®

From September 2016 Feldmuehle Uetersen’s liner, formerly known as MediaLiner, will be produced and marketed under the new brand name VivaLiner.

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Feldmuehle at drupa 2016 with a focus on VivaCard and MediaLiner

Feldmuehle Uetersen’s entire product offering will be on show at drupa 2016. The portfolio includes products from the company’s segments Board Solutions, Liner Options, Labelling Applications, Flexible Packaging and Graphical Printing. The focus will be on VivaCard and MediaLiner, materials for modern POS solutions that meet the requirements for holistic packaging design.

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VivaCard bei Berberich im Kartonsortiment

Der von der Feldmuehle produzierte Zellstoffkarton VivaCard ist ab sofort bei der Carl Berberich GmbH als FSC®-zertifzierte Qualität ab Lager verfügbar. „Mit der Aufnahme von VivaCard C1S und C2S ergänzen wir unser Kartonsortiment konsequent und hervorragend“, sagt Stephan Grüner, Regionalleiter Nord und Vertriebsleiter Karton bei Berberich.

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MediaCard goes VivaCard®

Fom January 2016, Feldmuehle Uetersen’s SBS board, formerly known as MediaCard, will be produced and marketed under the new brand name VivaCard. The name change does not imply any changes in the renowned quality and the specifications of the board. It is just another step in the company’s path towards greater independence and a new strategic orientation.

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Feldmuehle Uetersen continues to implement its successful long-term strategy by making its debut appearance as an independent papermaker at FachPack 2015

Feldmuehle Uetersen, a paper mill with a rich heritage located northwest of Hamburg, has made great progress since becoming independent in February 2015. Products from the company’s segments Board Solutions, Liner Options, Labelling Applications and Flexible Packaging will be showcased at the FachPack 2015 trade fair.

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Feldmuehle Uetersen to market its art paper under the name Exceo

Made in Germany: Exceo – art paper for true image reproduction from Feldmuehle Uetersen

The art paper MediaPrint produced by the specialty and art paper mill Feldmuehle Uetersen will, in the future, be sold under the new brand name Exceo. Exceo is a white, bright, two-side-coated woodfree art paper, available in a glossy or silk finish and in a wide range of grammages ranging from 150 to 400 gsm. Exceo is suitable for all kinds of graphical products that require accurate reproduction of the original image in sheet-fed offset presses. On request, Exceo is also available with FSC® certification. Free samples can be ordered by e-mail to

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Uetersen Paper Mill continues as an independent company under the name Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH

Stora Enso Oyj has sold its Uetersen speciality and graphic paper mill to the European private equity fund Perusa Partners Fund 2. As of 18 February 2015, the long-established paper mill will operate under the name Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH. Feldmuehle Uetersen will offer its flexibility, high quality and services on the market as an independent company and thus its former name is not the only aspect in which it will be returning to its roots.

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