NEWS 08.06.2023

Sheep move in at Feldmuehle

After initial hesitation, everyone got off the van to explore the new area. When this was obviously found to be nourishing, the eager grazing began, initially at a reasonable distance from the welcoming committee. Unfortunately, because the management had prepared a delicious food basket that could be used later.
All colleagues are cordially invited to stop by the boys from time to time and simply relax away from the day-to-day business. Just please don't feed! Only their boss, André Bürger, does that.
At some point we all know the sheep by name and they slowly become familiar with us.
We will keep you up to date.

PRESS 30.07.20

Laboratory service expanded

The “Robinson test” is not utilized to inspect whether someone is up to the challenge of being locked in on an uninhabited island - based on the novel “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe - but rather as a sensory analysis in order to determine the transfer of smell or taste in case of direct or indirect foodstuff contact of a packaging material.

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NEWS 02.08.20

The train is coming.

For many years, the pulp raw material came to our company by ship via the Pinnau. The company's own rail link now ensures reliable and fast delivery of the pulp, as well as the delivery to and fro of additional goods and products.

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NEWS 18.08.20

Who should be sitting there?

8 o'clock in the morning. A beautiful summer day. A chair right in the middle of our spacious business area. The best conditions for a short corporate film...

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Team Feldmuehle
Team Feldmuehle
Team Feldmuehle
NEWS 05.09.20

Our logo - Transition through the ages

There is hardly a brand on the market whose logo has not adapted to the so-called Zeitgeist over the years. With the current modification of our logo, we are now once again more strictly based on the first draft by Wolfgang Heuwinkel from 1963.

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NEWS 26.09.20

LabelSet Blue - thinking into the future

The demands from consumers for sustainable packaging materials are getting louder every day. Feldmuehle is responding with a new label paper with 40%i, 70%ior 100%imeasured recycled content.

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PRESS 20.10.20

Searched for – Located. New colleagues in the factory fire department.

The Feldmuehle company fire brigade does not need to shy away from a comparison with the know-how and equipment of the voluntary fire brigades. After the addition of two new colleagues, the well-trained crew now includes 36 male and female staff.

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PRESS 09.11.20

An investment in the future.

Millimetre work that weighs tons: A new indoor crane is the first step in an overall project with an investment volume of around one million Euros.

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Feldmuehle strengthens the management team

In August 2020, the shareholders appointed Mr. Bernd Weber as an additional managing director with sole power of representation in the management board. As Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the company, Bernd Weber is responsible for accounting, IT, human resources and treasury.

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Team Feldmuehle
Team Feldmuehle
Team Feldmuehle
NEWS 19.03.21

Industry and nature in harmony - is that even possible?

Yes, Feldmuehle is very pragmatic: From April a herd of Skudde sheep will graze on one of our compensation areas.

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PRESS 09.04.21

New embossing "Cuir"

The label market is a dynamic market and the requirements are constantly changing. As an innovative market leader in the area of wet and alkali-resistant label papers, Feldmuehle recognizes the trends in this market and reacts with two new products: "LabelSet Cuir" and "MatisSet Cuir".

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NEWS 17.06.21

The wool must go!

Just as important as the maintenance of machines is regular shearing for sheep

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PRESS 24.06.21

Higher efficiency for better customer benefit

With the recent technical upgrade of a sheet cutter, Feldmuehle can increase its efficiency with reduced energy consumption in the production of format papers in the order-related sizes.

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NEWS 10.02.22

Competences for life to convey – modern media prepares pupils for life after school

Two pragmatists have sought and found each other: The project "Das macht Schule" and Feldmuehle GmbH. "Das macht Schule" arbitrates well-used computer hardware between companies and schools; immediately available, in a non-bureaucratic way, across the country and for free. Thus long lasting effects in schools and important competences for the 21st century will be enabled.

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NEWS 16.05.22

Colouring and workbook for cycling education helps safely through road traffic

We are there!

How do I behave properly in road traffic? In order to teach children how to behave safely on bicycles, the Verkehrswacht / Youth Traffic School regularly conducts cycling training courses with primary school children. To reinforce this, the K&L Verlag and the Kreisverkehrswacht Pinneberg e.V. have published a new child-friendly colouring and workbook with digital content and learning success checks. We think: This is a good thing!

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